Highlight: Girls Softball MACHS Vs. La High Away Game, 3/27/19


Photo Courtesy David D'Lugo

Varsity Softball

Alicia Gaspar, Reporter

The MACHS vs. LA High Game on March 27th was very intense for both JV and varsity girls. The final score for Varsity was 0-14 (L), whereas the final score for JV was 9-6 (W). Although varsity took a Loss, there were some positive things they did during their game: ”We got some players from the other team,” says Varsity softball player senior Karina Zamora. Varsity Softball player Diana Ruvalcaba, a junior, also mentioned, “A positive thing we did was make contact with the ball.” Behind the positives there was some negatives. Zamora said, “We were frustrated and we lost focus.” Ruvalcaba agreed, saying, ”We were definitely not focused during the game.”

Despite Varsity’s loss, JV was able to bring home a win for the Wolfpack. Like the varsity team, JV also faced some obstacles during their game. “We kept on fumbling with the ball, and this mistake made the other team score some points,” commented sophomore Mellanye Salazar. However, these mistakes didn’t cost them the game; they were able to regroup and secure a win. “A positive thing was that we communicated more than other games we’ve played,” she noted.

Athletic Director Mr. Patterson believes that both teams did their best. ”I believe our players tried their hardest, I think they gave their all out in the field,” he confirmed. “Our issue for the most part is lack of effort, but it’s actually a part of playing, the players need more discipline,” he said. ”Even the best players in the world have room for improvement. There are two things to learn, one being improving your skill level and two working together as a team,” he stated. ”My advice to the players, win or lose, is to do their best, give maximum effort and be prepared. If you put all three things together, then you should come out winning most times,” he said. “Now if we lose, and they gave it their best, and played as hard as they could, I can’t be mad at that,” he added. We are proud of our Softball girls and hope for a strong season. Wolfpack Pride!

JV Softball