Human Cast Sculptures


Photo Courtesy Cecilia Ayala

Mr. Hyre shows off a Human Cast Sculpture

Cecilia Ayala and Stacey Arevalo, Reporters

One of the best classes we have here at Maya Angelou Community High School is the art class. Their recent project was a Human Cast Sculpture. According to Art Teacher Mr. Hyer, “I wanted to start a project that would get everybody up and moving and involved.” Groups of three gathered together to problem-solve and create their sculptures. The two main roles for each group consisted of deciding who was the one to be wrapped in the tape and who would actually wrap the tape on the person’s body. Though it sounds straightforward, the process was far from simple. For example, a group first started by wrapping a student’s torso. Then they started to wrap the legs as well as the waist and arms until they got to the head. The head was one of the most difficult and confusing parts because students couldn’t wrap the tape over the person’s nose and mouth or else the student who was being wrapped wouldn’t have been able to breathe. Despite the challenges of the project, students expressed how fun it was. “They loved it,” Mr. Hyre confirmed. “The coolest part of the project is to show them off,” he added.

When students walked onto campus and saw the Human Cast Sculptures hanging from the balconies, everyone was surprised and delighted. “Everybody that saw them said they were awesome,” Mr. Hyre said proudly. Unfortunately, the sculptures eventually had to be taken down as a result of student vandalism. “The most disappointing part was, I had envisioned them hanging and mounted outside. I put three of them out and in the very first day they got vandalized,” Mr. Hyre said. Many students would have been impressed and proud to see the artwork continue to hang throughout the year, which could have provided our school with a stronger sense of identity and culture. In the future Mr. Hyer hopes to display student art in a safer place, such as the MACHS Library, so students and staff can enjoy the beautiful pieces and hard work of all the students. However, he and other teachers continue to hope that one day we will be able to safely hang student artwork all across campus to showcase student talent.