Feature: Arturo Escandon


Photo Courtesy Dayna Velasquez

Valerie Delgadillo, Features Editor

Arturo Escandon is an intervention coordinator and a dean here at MACHS. He was born on January 18,1969 and he grew up in Mexico until he was seven years old. “I was born in a little ranch called Zicuirán in the state of Michoacán,” he said. Escandon then moved to Los Angeles and ever since has lived in East LA. “East LA is similar to South LA, and I thought I had a great childhood. I was always outside playing,” he says. Escandon isn’t an only child; he has a brother who is 13 months older than him. At a young age Escandon wanted to be a police officer or a fireman. During high school at Cantwell High, Escandon played football, baseball, basketball and soccer. After high school he studied at two different universities: UCLA and Cal State LA. “I started off at UCLA and I graduated from Cal State LA,” he confirmed.


        Escandon says that seeing kids graduate is the best experience. “I know graduation is amazing for the parents and the students, but I think it’s also amazing for me,” he said. In the future Escandon wants to be an administrator or an Assistant Principal, but he also looks forward to his life outside of work. “I want to retire at an age where I can still take vacations with my family,” he said. At school, Escandon’s main priority is that students feel safe at school both on and off campus. In 3-5 years Escandon said he still sees himself here with us at MACHS. “I love it here,” he added.