Feature: ASB President Fernando Meza


Photo Courtesy David D'Lugo

Valerie Delgadillo, Features Editor

       ASB President Fernando Meza is a senior at Maya Angelou Community High. Fernando was born on February 21, 2001 in Los Angeles and has studied at Maya all four years of high school. “All four years have been really cool; the school has changed since I was a freshman and it’s getting a lot better. I’m really happy I came to this school,” he said. Fernando says he doesn’t feel like a senior; it feels as if high school flew by quickly and is almost over. Fernando joined ASB during his freshman year because it was something he always wanted to do. Over the years it was an obstacle for him, but knew what he needed to do and had a good vision going on, so he ran for president this year. “I ran for it and won,” He noted. “I was happy [with the results].” Surprisingly, as ASB president, Fernando doesn’t feel stressed much of the time. “I represent the school and there’s also a lot of people who’ve helped me,” he mentioned. Being ASB president takes a lot of responsibility, including having to attend off-campus meetings, after-school committees, filling out paperwork, and organizing school activities. “I have been ASB president just this year, my senior year. My freshman through junior year I was a different position,” he added.


     Outside of being ASB president, Fernando also plays basketball. What motivated Fernando to play basketball was being with his friends and meeting new people. “Even though I wasn’t that good at it, I met people that kind of helped me improve in that sport,” he says. Fernando is part of Community service clubs and takes some college classes, like Physiology. “The college classes were hard [because] they’re different from high school,” he added. “We take lots of notes and the tests are hard.” A class he recommends is Geography with Mr. Patterson, because “it’s cool and you actually learn a lot.” Some advice Fernando gives to  those who still aren’t seniors is to get involved in school activities as much as you can and ask a lot of questions. Fernando says there were a couple of teachers who helped him the most and those teachers are Ms. Page, Mr. Madubuko, Ms. Canafax, and Ms. Davidson. “It will be emotional once I graduate high school,” he said. “All the bonds I have with students, teachers and staff…it will be hard to say goodbye.” In the future Fernando hopes to attend UC Santa Barbara and major in Business or Economics.


Photo Courtesy David DLugo
Fernando Meza receiving awards at the Winter Sports Banquet
Photo Courtesy David DLugo
Photo Courtesy David DLugo