Spotlight: Coach Wiley


Photo courtesy Bruno Silva

Jose Gonzalez, Sports Editor

Ms. Wiley is an English teacher at MACHS and the coach for our girls basketball team. This is her third year coaching the team, which she was asked to coach because of her extensive experience. As a student, Ms. Wiley played basketball in middle school and in high school. Some of you might be thinking, “How does she do it?” She teaches and coaches at the same time, both of which are challenging on their own. “I spend a lot of nights up late,” she said, “but it gets easier over the years.”

Her expectations for her basketball team are simple: “Number one, I want my team to have fun. I want them to improve their basketball skills or learn new ones,” she explained. A lot of her players are new to the sport, so her main goal is for her team to have fun while developing skills. She thinks it’s empowering to have a girls basketball team. “ I think we’re teaching girls that you don’t have to be a boy just to enjoy and play the sport,” she noted. “We’re building confidence.” Ms.Wiley is a great coach who works hard and wants the best for her players, and our students are incredibly lucky to have her.