Feature: Mr. D’Lugo


Photo courtesy Valerie Delgadillo

Mr. D’Lugo poses in his classroom.

Valerie Delgadillo, Features Editor

David Edward D’Lugo is one of our incredible teachers here at MACHS. He was born in Riverside, California and attended Hilltop High School in Chula Vista, California. “[It’s] near the border going down to Tijuana,” he noted. For college he attended UCLA. One of our veteran teachers, D’Lugo has been working at MACHS since the school opened in 2011. He teaches History and Government, including courses like US History, Economics, AP US History, and AP US Government.


Before working at MACHS, D’Lugo worked at LA Academy Middle school for 5 years. He also taught at USC, UCLA, UC Irvine, and UC Santa Barbara, “but it wasn’t full time. I was teaching as a substitute,” he mentioned. D’Lugo’s favorite part about being a teacher is interacting with the students: “I like a lot of the students,” he says. D’Lugo is also involved in other activities; he runs the hiking club, attends sports games and takes pictures during their games, and photographs all school events and activities. D’Lugo said that it can be frustrating that he doesn’t have enough time to do everything, but somehow he still manages to make an appearance at every game and event.