Anne Frank Exhibit


Photo courtesy Henry Cordero

Junior Calynn Watson and Ms. Fonseca pose in front of the Anne Frank Exhibit.

Henry Cordero, News Editor

On November 26-29, the MACHS Library had the privilege of showcasing an exhibit about Anne Frank. During the exhibit, students had the opportunity to learn about Anne Frank’s life and the hardships that she and other Jews experienced in Nazi Germany. “I was very happy that MACHS had the opportunity to host the Anne Frank exhibit,” said MACHS Librarian Paula Fonseca. “Students were able to trace many parallels between what was happening in Europe at the time Anne was alive and events taking place right now.”

The exhibit was visited by 226 students, many of whom were surprised with the new information about Anne Frank that they had never known before. Junior Jesus Serrano, who visited with his English class, shared that it was a positive experience: “It was a good exhibit and [I] learned a lot about Anne Frank…I learned more being there than reading about it in some books.”

It took Ms. Fonseca and her team one day to assemble the Anne Frank exhibit. Before the exhibit, Ms. Fonseca took three students to a training: Senior Calynn Watson and Juniors Brenda Barragan and Esmeralda Yanez. They said that they enjoyed the training experience and also were surprised with the new information they learned about Anne Frank. “The exhibition was a very nice learning experience to me, and I was very glad to have shared and taught people about how Anne Frank lived in those days of her life,” stated Yanez.

At the close of the exhibit, Ms. Fonseca said that she hoped students would apply what they learned to their own lives. “This is the goal of the exhibit: To get young people to look around and be aware of instances of intolerance, violence, and persecution in our own times,” she said. Ms. Fonseca gave a special thanks to Carlene Willingham, Lesly Perez Betancourt, Alisay Moore, Aliyah Moore, Genesis Ortiz, Jocelyn Quintanilla, Bobby Fonteno, Marlon Ayala, and Henry Lezama for helping to set up the Anne Frank exhibit and make it a success.

Photo courtesy Henry Cordero
Mrs. Vandermeer’s period 2 class observes the exhibit.
Photo courtesy Henry Cordero
A close-up of the exhibit
Photo courtesy Henry Cordero
The exhibit was featured in the MACHS Library.