TV Show Recommendation: Modern Family

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Stacey Arevalo, Reporter

     When looking for a new tv show to start watching, people usually look for a show that will give them a good laugh. This will probably lead them to choose a comedy. A sitcom that has been airing for quite a while and keeps smiles on people’s faces is Modern Family. Modern Family is not your ordinary family, but a family that is up-to-date. They deal with situations that many people can relate to. The family goes through situations that many teens and adults struggle with from  time to time. The family includes parents Phil and Claire who want only the best for their three kids, but who come with their own complications. Claire’s father, Jay, and his wife Gloria, who is Latina, are raising two young boys together. Adding on to the family, Jay’s gay son Mitchell and his partner Cameron have an adopted Asian daughter. This family won’t let you down; join this fun-filled family in all their adventures.

     Modern Family has been airing for 10 years and has been on-going. Airing its first episode on September 23, 2009, it has continued to air since. Modern Family reached its 10th season this year. Modern Family has been a great influence to viewers of all ages. There is occasionally  minor cursing, but parents have said they believe that children should be allowed to see it. The show usually has many situations that take place everyday and it always teaches a lesson.