Dear C.J.: Advice for Friend Problems


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Celine Figueroa and Joel Santoyo (C.J.), Poetry, Comics, & Advice Column Editors

Dear C.J.,

I have a group of friends who don’t like this girl named Abby*, but I’m friends with Abby. They tell me not to talk to her, but she is very nice to me. They tell me if I talk to her that they won’t be my friend. What should I do?

*name changed to protect identity

Dear Confused,

First, thank you for coming to us for advice!

You should listen to why they dislike her and try to arrange a discussion between y’all. Keep in mind, nobody can stop you but yourself. Also remember to always be careful. If you want a stable friendship with your friends, discuss the problem they have between them. This may help resolve the issues they’ve had in the past. This may even help repair their friendship with Abby. Also, be mindful of what you say, and if they are really your friends they wouldn’t leave you for a problem that can be resolved in a discussion between friends.