Should College be Free?

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Alejandro Rivera, Co-Opinion Editor


College should be free because if it was free, fewer Americans might need to seek public assistance because more people would get educations and make more money. We would have fewer people reliant on food stamps or welfare. Another reason why college should be free is that people would have more freedom to contribute their talents, try new ideas, and pursue the lives they want. People wouldn’t have to start off in debt or stay stuck in a low-wage job. These are only a few compelling reasons why college should be free.


Some people might argue that college should be free, but those people would be wrong. College should not be free because, if students really want to go to college, they can find a way to pay for it. If college was free people would not take it as seriously. For example, if students pay for it themselves, they will care more because people do not want to waste their money just like that. Taxes would increase if college were free because that money would pay for everyone’s college. If college is free people will not learn how to be independent or develop work ethic.