Feature: Ms. Torres


Valerie Delgadillo

Photo courtesy Valerie Delgadillo

Valerie Delgadillo and Brayan Ornelas, Reporters

Maya Angelou Community High School welcomed several new staff, faculty, and administrators for the 2018-2019 school year. One of those new members to our school is Veronica Torres, an Assistant Principal. Torres transferred from Clinton Middle School, where she worked for five years. Torres is from the City of Commerce in East Los Angeles, California, and her parents are from Guadalupe, Zacatecas. She comes from a large family which includes seven brothers and seven sisters. “If you count me, it’s fifteen,” she said. She and her twin sister are the youngest in her family. Her favorite foods are pepperoni pizza and popcorn.

     Torres has many goals for this year at Maya Angelou, including getting to know every staff member, teacher, and student. Her hopes for the students are to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. This year Torres is most excited about being able to meet people at the school, because she is fairly new and doesn’t really know anyone at Maya. “I really look forward to getting to know some students,” stated Torres.

  Torres attended Rio Hondo College, Cerritos College, CSU Long Beach, and Concordia University. She studied to be a Registered Nurse but then changed her major to teaching. In the future, Torres plans on being a principal, district director, or to help others in some way. “I really enjoy helping people out,” she noted. Her goals as an assistant principal are to be able to help out the students academically. “I want all students to know they can go to any college if they work hard for it and get a good job,” she said. Her father, who shoveled broken glass in a furnace for the Ball Glass company until he was 70 years old, always told her to get a job where she didn’t have to do physical labor. “Physical work is hard! You want a job where you use your head.” She wants to pass the same message to MACHS students. Outside of school Torres enjoys spending time with her son because he is her only child. Torres stated, “His name is Aaron, and he is actually a freshman. We are both starting High School together!” Interesting hobbies she has are reading and painting. “I just like being very creative,” she concluded.