What’s With the Tests? The PSAT/SAT Explained

What's With the Tests? The PSAT/SAT Explained

There has been lots of talk on campus about the SAT.  And now, the PSAT.

What are they, anyway?

The Phoenix Press sat down with Maya Angelou’s testing coordinator Ms. Orosco a week before the tests were administered Oct. 17 to students.

Ms. Orosco said the SAT is a state-wide exam given to every single 11th grade student across the United States once a year. The SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test.

The PSAT — the Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test — is given to 9th and 10th graders to prepare them for the real deal.

Practice, says, Ms. Orosco, makes perfect.

“Tests are given for many things,” she said.

“Like a driver’s license. You can’t get a driver’s license if you don’t pass the driving test.”

The SATs determine what academic level students are testing in English and Math.

A high score means a student is able to stand the rigors of high school and college.

A really good score means scholarship money, she said.

Ms. Orosco cleared up the differences between the ACT (American College Testing) and the SATs.

She said those who are good in Science and Math might opt to take the ACT.

For students who already took the SATs and didn’t get a good score, Ms. Orosco said they can take it again — and to check with the college center on dates.

Alejandro Delarosa