Local Restaurant Review: PitBurger

Local Restaurant Review:  PitBurger

Ariana Rodriguez and Heidi Cortes

A local restaurant that’s been around since right after World War II is still open and thriving — and consistently serving some of the best burgers in town.

PitBurger opened in 1949. It is located at 16602 Normandie Ave, Gardena, CA 90247.

Owner Juventino Moreno says the restaurant is popular and busy all day from 9am to 8pm because he serves quality food.

“I buy everything fresh, every day,” said Moreno.

Their famous meals are The Beef Teriyaki Plate, The Chicken Teriyaki Plate, and the Teri-Burger. The teriyaki sauce is what the restaurant is famous for.

The chef said it takes up to one hour for the sauce to be made.

PitBurger is a few minutes away from South Central, but if you’re in Gardena, it might be worth a stop.