Maya Football Team Crushes Sotomayor in 42 to 0 game

Maya is on a roll

Bruno Silva, Bryan Villatoro, and Erika Quinonez

“We crushed it” ”

— Player Bruno Silva and journalist


Friday, Sept. 6th was a good day for Team Maya.

It all started in the first quarter. Maya had forced opponents on the Sotomayor to punt the ball making and Angelou took control for the rest of the game.

In Angelou’s first drive number, Gustavo Estrada (Number 87) scored the first touchdown for the Maya Angelou team. That was followed by a two-point conversion, bringing the score to 8-to-0.

Team Maya continued to put numbers on the board, showing a strong understanding of the field.

A few points weren’t counted by refs, due to questionable flags  Damariyea Molale (Number 9), for example, got an interception and ran it home, but the refs threw a flag.

In the last few minutes of the game, two players of the Sotomayor team unfortunately got injured.

The final score was 42-to-0.