Students Run LA (SRLA)


Photo Courtesy David DLugo

Bruno Silva and Joshua Matamoros, Reporters

At MACHS there are many different types of sports and activities to participate in, one of them being Students Run LA (SRLA). This is an activity that trains students to run the LA Marathon. The coach for this activity is Physics teacher Ms. Lopez. Ms. Lopez stated that the results of the SRLA season were ” more fulfilling than I thought it would be.” The reason for this is that running the marathon isn’t just working out; it’s also a mental challenge to overcome. Ms. Lopez feels that participating in the marathon was empowering because she was able to accomplish a huge goal with her students who put their all into it and pushed their limits. Ms. Lopez was happy with the results of the SRLA season because her students and herself managed to complete the marathon through their training and practices.


The most challenging moment Ms. Lopez experienced during coaching was her connection with the students. Ms. Lopez said that she wished she would have bonded more with the students who took part in the activity. The reason why she wasn’t able to bond with the students was that most of them were from Synergy, which is the charter school that is located within the MACHS campus. It is much easier for Ms. Lopez to form bonds with her own students at MACHS, whom she sees on a daily basis.


Ms. Lopez believes that all her students gave 100% to SRLA in general because they were all dedicated to their practices. Whenever they missed a day they had to provide an excuse to explain why they missed; it was never because they simply didn’t feel like going. Ms. Lopez pointed out that she would like to improve her time in future marathons because her goal was to simply finish the marathon, not necessarily focus on what time she finished in. Apart from that, Ms. Lopez and the student runners were very pleased with the SRLA season, but they will continue to work hard for the next time they run the marathon to make our school proud.

Photo Courtesy David DLugo
Photo Courtesy David DLugo
MACHS students run the LA Marathon