Food Recommendation: Pepe’s Taco Truck


Photo Courtesy Cecilia Ayala

Cecilia Ayala and Stacey Arevalo, Reporters

Pepe’s taco truck is one of the best place to go out and eat with friends or family. It’s not far from school, so you can go after school when there is an event and you’re hungry. The food is really good and it’s not expensive.

The delicious food pictured is just two examples of what is served at Pepe’s. The torta has carne de asada, lettuce, tomatoes, and a special sauce. In total it was $5. The tacos were de lengua. Each taco cost $1.50. The condiments varied from, onion, cilantro, and a variety of salsas.They served multiple drinks, from sodas to fresh waters. For a drink we got a small horchata. Horchata wasn’t that simple and it was the right amount of sweet. The small horchata costs $1.50 and the large costs $3.50. The torta was very good and the sauce gave it a special taste compared to other tortas. The torta is good with and without salsas, but a salsa we recommend to add as a topping would be guacamole.

For the both the Torta and the Tacos, we would rate them 5 out of 5 stars. We recommend Pepe’s because it was really delicious and well-cooked. The service was good and the place was clean. We recommend Pepe’s to anyone looking for great food that won’t break the bank.

Pepe’s is located near the corner of San Pedro and 53rd.

Photo Courtesy Cecilia Ayala
Tacos and a torta from Pepe’s Taco Truck