Dear C.J.: Advice on Love

Celine Figueroa and Joel Santoyo (C.J.), Poetry, Comics, & Advice Column Editors

Dear C.J.,

I am in love with three boys, but I am not sure which one to pick. Melvin has a great personality and he makes me laugh a lot. But the thing is that I see him as a friend sometimes. Secondly, Edwin, he has played with my feelings in the past but I’m willing to forgive him because he’s really nice. There’s a problem though, he moved, so that means it will have to be a long-distance relationship and that will be difficult for me. Thirdly,  Devon, Devon and I spend so much time together and we are constantly talking.

I am asking for your advice because I am scared I will pick the wrong person. They are all so good to me. I trust that you will help me choose the best because you are an honest friend and you are good with advice as well.



Befuddled Girl


Dear Befuddled girl,

First, list the things you want in a guy and ask your 3 gentlemen what they want in a relationship. Look to see the positives and negatives in the 3 guys. Now that you have this information, you need to think to yourself which one suits you in every possible way. Based on given information, Melvin and Devon sound like great people. Edwin however, doesn’t seem so great. He played with your feelings in the past, so how do you know you can trust him now? In addition, he lives far away and it doesn’t seem like a good way to begin a relationship.  Whereas Melvin, he has a great personality and is a funny person but you see him as a friend so you should just stay friends. Lastly Devon, who spends time with you and talks with you. In my opinion, Devon is a great choice and you should give him a chance. if things don’t work out with Devon, keep Melvin in mind; even though you may just see him as a friend, you never know if it could grow into something more.