Dear C.J.: Advice for Procrastination

Celine Figueroa and Joel Santoyo (C.J.), Poetry, Comics, & Advice Column Editors

Dear C.J.,


I am reaching out to you because I want some advice on how to stop procrastinating and leaving things at the last moment. Although I always end up doing my work on time, I would like to get rid of the stress that I go through every time I do so. I have made procrastinating a big habit of mine and my grades are reflecting on it. I would like to know how to get rid of that habit.





Dear Sidetracked,


First off, you should make a list of the important and unimportant priorities. The unimportant goals should be your lowest priority. Setting a list for your goals will help you acknowledge the important goals that should be completed. This helps recognizing the goals that you must accomplish. Though completing your work is good, you should give yourself enough time to complete your class/homework. For example when you procrastinate, you don’t give yourself enough time to complete all your assignments and as a result you end up sleeping late. A way of avoiding this is by starting on your school work once you arrive home. This will help change the habit of doing your work late. Once your work is completed, it gives you time to relax and have fun.  

Stress isn’t good for anyone and there are many ways of getting rid of it. A possible solution of relieving stress is by taking a steamy shower and then getting into bed to take a nap. Another solvent may be, hanging out with your family and do fun activities together. If these solutions don’t work, you can consider asking a family member for a well-needed massage. The massage should relieve any stress you may have. Thank you for reaching out to us and I hope we answered your questions.


Sincerely, C.J.